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Why Your Budget Isn't Working and What's Stopping You from Succeeding

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This live training is for you if:

You have tried to budget for years, but with no success

You know you need a budget, but for whatever reason, you haven't created one 

You understand how important budgeting is and you want to learn how to do it successfully 

You are ready to do what it takes to budget better

In this training, you will learn:

The top 5 reasons why budgets and the budgeting process fails for most people

Small tweaks you can make to your budget for success

How to identify negative thoughts around budgeting and change them

How to ask for help when you need it  

"It doesn't matter how much money or how little money you make, to reach your financial goals, you absolutely need a budget" -Raya Reaves, City Girl Savings Founder

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